what can you do when your child goes backwards potty training?

Beth - posted on 08/02/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




he was peeing in the potty we had not gotten the poop down... but now he is not doing anything... he will do it days in a row peeing in the potty then some days he gets so stubborn and wont do anything at all its so aggrivating


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This is one of those things your child controls, not you. Unfortunately. Your son may be fully trained at school, and not at home, or visa versa. He may be trained fully, and then regress for weeks at a time. As you are seeing.

Generally, you want to reward him when he is successful, and just go about business as usual when he isn't (don't make this a punishment thing! It is about supporting and encouraging your son when he does use the potty.) Pretty soon your son will figure out one way will get him lots of positive attention, and another way doesn't get him ANY attention other than business as normal.

Do NOT turn this into a power struggle, because this is NOT a power struggle you will win! and if you turn it into a power struggle and he will win, because he controls his bladder - not you - that will make him think he can be in control of other things. and you are the parent, not him. no reason to think he has control yet. :)


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Deborah - posted on 08/03/2010




My daughter was trained about 5 months when she regressed for no reason. I started a potty chart again but only give her a sticker per dry day and tried to ignore the "accidents". When she does have an accident (which are few and far between and proper accidents now) she has to take a sticker off her chart. I do this matter of factly like i would tell her to pick up her toys, or put the sweetie wrapper in the bin. Try to NOT loose your temper or shout or punish him as he can and will use it against you later on.
I have only got Laura to remove stickers now that she is nearly trained a year, she likes to keep her chart going and at the end of a 28 days period she can shoose where we go for lunch as her treat. At the end of her next chart it will be a general behaviour chart.

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