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Kara - posted on 03/22/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




this is what is happening me and the ex seperated when she was little over one i had school up in michigan and he wanted to live in alabama long term relationship wasnt working he stopped calling he would wait have few months and stopped calling so i wouldnt know her number..he thinks its easy to just let her go down there with him but its not she dont know him and i think it would scare her if i did that and i know he will try and take her away from me he calls me and has threatened me and my boyfriend and i dont have a job at the moment i am out of school cuz of some serious situations i would love to go back though....he is scaring me saying he will get a lawyer but i heard he cant do that unless he ldoes in the same city as which she was born in...i have said to him he can see her but not take her im not keeping her away from him im lettin her talk but i have nothing to say to him....i gave him the address to the new house and phone number and now he is abusing it and calling me non stop over and over agian dont let it stop ringing its stressing me out so bad i dont know how to do this whole child support at all and like i said i dont have a job i cant afford a lawyer at all so im terrified that he will take her away from me he has her birth certifcate from when i lived in alabama i didnt bring it because i thought i was comming back. so i have to get another bc he has threatened my father too and in the passed he was a drinker and smoke marijuana, i dont know if he still does it, but i dont think he is a fit father because of the fact he threatens me and the people around me and he abuses everything he does.i need some advice really bad before i have a nervous breakdown.


Louise - posted on 03/23/2011




Because you are on a low income you are entitled to legal aid or free legal advice. Look into a charity like Citizens advice which is a UK charity I am sure there is an American version of this. First of all get that lawyer to contact him to inform him that he can have supervision but it will be in her state and supervised because of his miss use of drugs and alcohol. If he contacts you make a note of the time and date and if you can record any conversation you have. This is to prove to the court (should it go that far) that this man has harrassed you. It has gone to far now and this man needs to be stopped in his tracks before it gets out of hand. Pick up the phone and find that free legal advice today. There are many charities out there that are there to help you and all free. You need help so ring them today. Good Luck

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