What do you do for your child's early education?

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Hi everyone, trying to be the best mom I can for my son I was wondering what everyone else is doing as far as their toddler's early education like reading books every day or working with them on blocks and puzzles. I don't really want to be the type that is making their child read before age 3 with flash cards like on TV, but just want to see what everyone else is doing! Thanks!


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Our 2 year old son LOVES to read so we spend a lot of time reading. Our son has enjoyed reading from a very young age. When he was an infant we would spend most of our day lying on the couch reading together. Our son also LOVES music so we spend a lot of time listening to music, singing and dancing. Our son also enjoys crafts, playing with his toys, coloring and spending time outdoors as well. We rarely watch tv and only allowed a small amount of tv time once he turned 2. We also play a little game with form abc's where I have him choose a letter out of a bag and I hold it up to my mouth and make the sounds of the letter followed by telling him what the letter is that I'm holding. Since our son already knows his abc's we are now working on being able to recognize the letters and the sounds they make. My MIL is a kindergarten teacher and this was one of her recommendations since our son is ready for the next phase of learning about letters. It's a fun little game and our son enjoys it a lot. Oh I almost forgot our son enjoys cooking and baking as well so we do a lot of that too! :)

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I am an educator, and mother of a two year old. So I think I am a fairly reliable source of information. This is what I do with my son:
Lots of reading books, lots of playing, lots of drawing and creative play.
when my son turned two I enrolled him in preschool.
My son and I also do a mommy and me music class.
I don't spend money on expensive toys. Tonight we took a large cardboard box, drew on the outside to make it into a car, and then "drove" it around the downstairs until mommy was too exhausted to push anymore (doubles as my daily exercise). We did some coloring together, talking about the things in the picture we were coloring, and also about what colors we were using. (okay it was mostly me talking but whatever). in his bath tub there is some foam letters, and they are of a variety of colors. we count them, we sort them. we try to name them (currently trying to convince my son that it is an "s" and not a 5).

I think the key is to just take the time to spend with your child. We count stairs when we go up and down the stairs. we talk and explore our world.

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