what do you do when your 2 year old throws a tantrum that just seems to go on and on!!

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isireli is two but looks like a 3-4 year old and i am having trouble with coping when he is throwing a tantrum!! what do i do? ive tried just leaving him to it but it freaks his little brother out and sometimes puts us all in danger and then i try to put him in time out but he smacks his head against the ground and ive also tried his room but it ends up a huge mess that in the end i have to deal with!! i try to avoid the tantrums and what may trigger it but in a way i think that thats not so healthy!! ahhhh....can anyone give me advise?


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I can relate a ;pt. I have two year old that is now in Play thearapy and is going to be checked out for sensory integration dysfuntion. The thearapist we see stated that sometimes things happen in life we don't even realize tramatize out children and they get stuck in that. So far I have been told to get a soft brissle brush and try brushing it on his skin. He loves it and it calms him down quite a bit it almost puts him in a trance. My son gets so bad that every one and every thing is a target and he just reves up from wake up time until he crashes at night. A motor on full reve no matter what. Say no and there he goes. I hope you find some thing helpful.

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My son is the same, I hate the head banging. If he bangs his head during a time out I take him to the couch and tell him that hurting himeself isn't acceptable and would he like a hug to calm down once he is calm I start the time out again. We also take deep breaths to calm down before the tantrum starts. Good luck

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My best advice would be to try and redirect his anger.  Ask him to "be mommy's helper" and do something you wouldn't normally do.  I've learned w my 2 year old...its all about redirection and stopping him before he gets to THAT point.  I know that point all too well.  Good luck.  Natalie :)

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