What do you do when your 3 year old refuses to use the potty?

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My 3 year old is potty traing. He will do great for a few days then he will just refus to try. My doctor says it is because he has a little brother, bt I am frustrated! I've tried everything I know. Help please!


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Hi, I'm kimm, i'm new on here and just reading through some posts..I have a four year old who still uses the potty just at night. Have you thought of just trying him straight to the toilet instead? I know of some friends kids who just skipped the potty altogether. He is old enough at three and may be with a little step stool if he needs it may make him feel like a big boy!! Hope the tip helps x

Angie - posted on 01/15/2010




My son is also 3 and we are potty training.and he has an older sister..he was doin well after the summer and then lost interest so i waited a month and went right back at potty training and he is doing good...if you want to make it fun for him try putting a couple of cheerios in the toilet and tell him while he is standing see if he can sink them..or have you tried giving treats?

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We waited to try potty training for after the new baby :( We're having the same trouble except he never used it before :( I've read that you need to try to keep from stressing because when we stress is when our little ones exert their control and misbehave! So let him regress a little and praise praise praise when he acts like a big boy and since you've got the biggest step done with (he knows how to use it!) it should be like riding a bike, just when he's ready! Make sure he gets plenty of attention (positive) since he's probably feeling a little jealous of the new baby. :) Good luck!

Zoe - posted on 01/15/2010




my son hated using a potty so we put him straight on the toilet and it worked try to explain that he is a big boy now and make a big thing about how grown up he is and always reward a sticker chart worked wonders for us once he got say 10 stickers he was allowed a little treat he was dry within 3 weeks and he was 2 years old at the time. hope this helps

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