What do you feed your 11 and a half month old when she is so darn picky and has only 2 teeth??


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Kimberly - posted on 07/23/2010




My son's teeth was the same way at that age & is still picky at 19 months. He loves toast. Cut off the crusts & cut in little squares or strips (if she's not the type to stuff it all in her mouth). Plain, or with butter or jam. Kraft dinner, mashed potatoes (my son will only eat the graduates mashed potato, chicken & gravy) Yogurt, bananas, well cooked carrots, pancakes, grilled cheese (again without crusts & cut in small pieces) & theres also alot of snacks like gerber graduates puffs which are for 12 months and older, but it's only rice and melts pretty quick... He was feeding himself those at 6 months. My son loves those. & Mum Mums... they're a little messy but babies love them. With the bananas when he had only 2 teeth, I would cut them in squares and then crush the gerber puffs in a baggie and shake the banana bits in that so it's easier for him to pick up. My boy loved that too. Good Luck!

Stacey - posted on 07/23/2010




Ravaoli, spagetti, banana's, bread, mac n cheese...andything soft. But like Louise said you have to have some hard things in there or she will never what to chew. Gerber has a huge selection of stuff based on the childs age.

Louise - posted on 07/23/2010




The number of teeth she has should not stop her eatting what she wants to eat. The gums are hard and should cope with most things. Try giving her some banana, soft buttered rolls or bread sticks. My daughter loved tuna sandwiches and salmon and cucumber as they were soft. My daughter also had only 4 teeth until she was 14 months and then her teeth came through in 4 and 6's. If you can try and give at least one hard food to encourage chewing and teeth to come through this can be anything like cherrios, breadsticks, toddler biscuits or part cooked carrots.

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