what is a good activity for boy/girl siblings

Heather - posted on 06/16/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have 3 kids 1 girl and 2 boys ages 7,3,2 I need I deas of fun things they can play together


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Marcia - posted on 06/17/2009




I remember when I was little my brother, sister, and I used to play this game with a balloon (it would work equally as well with a beach ball I think)...basically you would toss it around and keep it up as long as possible. Catch is also an old standby, but I think the balloon game works well in winter or summer as it may work inside your home pretty well where as catch may end up with things getting broken.
This may or may not work, but baking/cooking also I think may work quite well as a neat activity (especially with cupcakes or something of that nature that you could decorate).
This is going to sound odd, but I remember my Dad putting on a record and just letting us dance around.
Hope you find some really neat things that everyone can participate in! :)

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any outdoor game,hopscotch,kick ball,bubbles,flying a kite, indoor games, candy land is always a good board game,or chutes and ladder, My kids are grown ,1 boy and 2 girls, they would play house alot, they did puzzles together, making a scrapbook was fun,I have a 3yr old grandaughter and 3yr old grandson,they do color together, we go outside and play ball,their cousins play well with them, (they are boys 13,8,6) the bigger ones are helpful in teaching the little ones. Even though the little ones have a very short attention span.Just try some games that you played as a child. the old stuff works

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