What is the best way to potty train? I am very busy with school and work. When I try my daughter just doesn't have to go. When she does ask she just sits on the toilet and smiles at me. She is two and I feel like she is behind the other kids in her class at daycare. Any suggestions? Should I be using a little girl toilet?


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Jennifer - posted on 02/16/2009




Try putting her in panties and tell her she'll get all wet if she doesn't go to the potty to pee. I promised treats and gave lots of praise! I also made a really big deal out of how cute my little girls looked in their panties so they would feel like panties were more awesome than diapers. lol It took me forever with my first daughter but her sister and brother were much easier! You just have to find the thing that makes it worth while for the baby! And Tahra is right....Patience is key!!

Tahra - posted on 02/16/2009




Hi Alax, you need not to worry, your little girl will tell you when she is ready. Do not go on what other kids are doing she will do it in her own time. There is no right or wrong time for her to start potty training. Most info that you get are guidelines and not a set time that your little one has to be potty trained.

Stay relaxed and do not get frustrated with her as she will sense this and this will make things more difficult for her. Praise her when she sits on the toilet and keep encouraging her, tell her that she is becoming such a big girl and she is making mommy very proud. It will come eventually, have patience : )

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