What is the easiest way to potty train boys?


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Melissa - posted on 05/24/2010




We do dunk the cherrios. It kind of makes potty time a game but they enjoy going and you'll find that they'll get their selves on a schedule on their own. Rather than saying "come on we have to try and go potty", say "lets go dunk the cherrios". Just throw a handful of cherrios or fruit loops in the potty and have him try to "hit" the targets. My whole family has done that with potty training boys and it works really well.

Kristin - posted on 05/22/2010




I just wanted to say thanks for the advice I didn't post this obviously but I am starting to train my son in 2 weeks once I will be home for the summer and am looking into methods now so I can prepare.

Michelle - posted on 05/21/2010




I KNOW this is going to sound absolutely crazy but it worked with my oldest son. I actually got this MANY years ago (oldest son now 18 almost 19) take Cheerios or any non band type Cheerio cereal and throw it into the toilet/potty water. Since they don't sink tell him to pee and try and sink the cheerio. (I told you it was crazy).

Natalie - posted on 05/21/2010




Okay, this may be a little "unconventional", however, my son WOULD NOT sit on the potty. Terrified him. He was 2 1/2 and I knew I needed to figure something out. Sooooooooo, I happened to be home with him for a week and started letting him run around the house with nothing on but a shirt. Every time I see him stop and start to dribble, I'd grab him and stand him infront of the potty. Once he discovered he could pee standing up, it was over. He literally ran around the rest of that week, saying "Mommy I peeing!" He thought it was the coolest thing ever. AND, yes, consistency is the best. Every 20min, especially after he eats or drinks something. 20min-30min later, put him on (or infront of) the potty! Good luck!

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If you are wondering about whether to train them to pee sitting down or standing, start with sitting down.
Then I am with Sherri, take them every 20 minutes until they go. And if he can tell you when he needs to go then just pay attention to the time because boys will wait till the last minute to go when playing
My son has been potty training for the past 3 weeks. He goes pee no problem and generally tells us when he needs to go. He how ever will not do a poop in the toilet. He has progressed to telling us he has done it after the fact instead of hiding in the corner, so I think with a bit more time he will do those in the toilet too.

Also if you are using the toilet with a seat make sure you get a stool that he can use to help get himself up and down. If you are using a potty you can put it in the room you play in most with you if you want and have him go sit on it from time to time.

Be prepared for some days to go better then others. Be prepared for lots of accidents.
Do not get upset over the fact he had an accident. Just take him to the potty/toilet and sit him on it, talk about where pee goes and why we don't pee on floors etc. If you are comfortable even let him see you go pee. If he's old enough (2 and older) you can get him to help you clean up the mess. Surprisingly they like to help clean up.

Good luck!

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