What is the right time to begin potty training?


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User - posted on 12/07/2008




It is definately more up to the child then it is us. I had to train Amber twice. She was potty trained right up until Jonathan was born and then decided to regress. Jonathan was much easier. We went camping when he was just over 2 yrs. The idea of being able to pee in the bushes was too much fun for him to resist. In one weekend he was completely potty trained....even at night! The down side was going to a friends bbq the day after camping we turned around and there was Jonathan peeing smack dab in the middle of thier backyard! lol

Shiree - posted on 12/06/2008




I have always been told that it is up to the child. Every child is different and starts in his/her own time. I have also been told to try on the full moon.

My daughter will be three next month. We have tried on and off for months, and it never took..until recently. We happened to try again, during the full moon (I think), it was right after Thanksgiving. It was very nerve-reckoning because we have a lot riding on it. We let her put on her special big-girl panties. She had several accidents in the beginnig, but now she's doing fairly well. We can only do it when she comes home from school, since we both work outside of the home. When she goes, she likes to do it by herself. We know when she'd going because we see the bathroom light come on. We give her big praises after she has gone and tells us. i think that is incentive to continue to go in the potty.

Good Luck.

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