what's the best way to start potty training?..x

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my babys nearly 2yr old and i would like to start potty training her..ox


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Got this one from Dr. Phil, get a doll that goes potty and a potty chair (if you don't have one already) and have your child teach the doll how to use the potty. She may not be ready to use the potty right away on her own, but once she sees how easy it is to potty she might be willing to try it. A key point in this though is to make sure you celebrate whenever the doll goes potty, do the same for your little girl. My little boy did this and he did great! Expect backtracking though. My son is in the middle of taking steps backward instead of forward but I knew that might happen. Just have extra undies and extra patience on hand, its not easy.

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I introduced the potty slowly, maybe a couple of times a day. Just let your little one toddle about with out pull-ups on and encourage them to sit on the potty every now and again. When the manage to pee in it, make a big deal of it, telling them how good they are. Don't force them to sit on it tho, if you try your little one and they don't like, don't make a big deal. Just try them again at another time. I know that my eldest didn't like the potty at all, he went straight to the toilet. We had gotten a foam seat that you sit within your toilet seat so that it's more comfortable and their little bums don't fall thru :P and he loved that.

A friend of mine once told me also, that if you have a little boy, put some washing up liquid in the toilet (just a spot) or in their potty and when they pee it will make bubbles and encourage them to want to do it :)

Hope that helps a bit :)

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