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My son in 22 month old and he is so attached to me as I started job 8 month ago, we hire nanny who come home and take care of him. My husband work from home so he know what he do all day and he always use to tell me that he is totally different with me. He follow whatever his nanny tell him but with me he is little bit demanding, I can say stubborn and if i say No he cry so hard that i have to give him thing that he want. He do just this things with me. I don't mind his this behavior as I am with him only for 4 hours in day as I am doing job and than he sleep always around 9.00. Now some times i feel that I m spoiling him but i don't want to see him cry as I always have that re grate that I m not spending enough time and the time what we spend to gather, if i have to be strict or yell on him or see him unhappy than its hurt me. I dont know do i really spoiling him or he will learn everything when he will grow up. I thought he is little baby who can not speak properly that he can make us understand what he want what not. He was not like that before i start my Job. I


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I would stop giving him everything he wants! Most people do not have the luxury of working from home and have to go out of the house for this. You should not feel bad for providing for your family. Your son is taking advantage of your guilt & the longer you allow this the worse it'll get! aside from that kids always are different w/ea. provider! My 3yr old was an angel @ daycare, always listens, picks up toys etc; w/me he has one heck of an attitude but generally listens; he walks ALL OVER my husband because he doesn't like 2 hear him cry...Discipline is not a bad thing! You gotta have rules & consequences!!! Be firm & stay strong!

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