whats the best thing to do if my child is not eating well and im pissed with it? i need answers...


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Cheryl - posted on 04/06/2009




Both of my boys are picky eaters. One (my 3.5 yr old) will only eat meat and carbs, the other (my 1.5 year old) is practically vegetarian. Pediasure tastes terrible and my youngest will not touch it so I give him instant breakfast and yogurt for protein. My oldest gets a multi vitamin and V8 fusion juice for his lack of vege intake. Like Kelly said, your child will not starve him/herself. As long as he/she is healthy, don't worry.

Tanith - posted on 04/06/2009




I just took away anything unhealthy and left her with healthy options - ventually she was hungry enough to think that healthy stuff was good to eat - empty the pany of lollys / chips etc and buy some fruit / veges - I know it is edious but the great thing is that (not havinany options) you end up healthier too lol

Kelly - posted on 04/05/2009




Just offer healthy options.  It can be super frustrating when all she wants to eat is grapes and crackers but trust that she will eat a complete and rounded diet over the course of a week.  Track what she does eat and as long as she is getting some of all of the food groups over a few days then don't worry too much.  I tracked my son one week and was a little surprised that he actually eats really well....just not how I would expect him to.  ie. he rarely sits down at meal time and he picks what he is eating apart to get the stuff he likes out.

My son is a terrible eater at 2.5 years but I know that he won't starve himself and that he does eventually eat....even though somedays that isn't until he's crawled into bed and he is starving!  We offer him things we know he will eat and try to encourage him to eat new and different things but realise that he won't always eat it.   Toddlers can try your patience when it comes to food but they are smarter than we realise.

Have you tried things like smoothies to get fruit, dairy and even some veggies into her?  What about using cookie cutters to make sandwiches or cheese into interesting shapes?  Try making bread sticks with a little bit of cheese in them (super easy just google search toddler bread sticks and you'll get a ton of recipies) for on the go snacks.  My son loves bananas wrapped in a tortilla that has peanut butter smeared inside of it (I cut it into bite sized pieces or he grabs the whole thing and munchs away).

Meghan - posted on 04/05/2009




Try pedisure, my daughter doesn't always eat, so for her to get what she needs we give her pedisure.

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