whats the best way to potty train?


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for my kid i had no problems she practly trained herself,, i got her a potty around 1 1/2 and let her sit on it or play with it when i was in the bathroom so she was familiar with it, than when she was ready and she would use it sometimes, i took her out and let her pick out pretty underwear, and if she had an accident she had to throw them away.. so she only had a few accidents she even refused to wear pull ups cause she loved her pony underwear so much.. she had just turned 2 and was potty trained in like a week just cause she liked her underwear so much!!

Tamera - posted on 05/11/2009




I thank you all for the replies.. Im thinking about going to get her some real panties and see how she acts being out of her comfort zone of pullups..

Charlene - posted on 05/11/2009




when my lil brothers potty trained my mam didnt use pull ups she put pants straight on them because they cant feel that they are wet if they wee themselves my youngest brother was trained within a week. i hope this helps

Amanda - posted on 05/11/2009




Depends on the age and personality of your child. I have 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls) and the best way we learned was when our toddlers started to show signs they were ready to try (taking the diapers off themselves,curiosity when others go, crying/hiding once they did go) we took the diapers entirely off and placed them in real undies. We would plan this on a day that we were going to stay at home and one of us was there-no babysitters. For the next 4-6 hours we would keep them on the potty (dora ring in an adult toilet) about 10-15 min at a time about twice an hour. We had a stack of undies waiting and extra cotton pants/sweats (no jeans harder to see if they did leak or go) and this went of for about 2 days. By day three they got the idea and had diapers on at nap time and bed time only. All four kids were to this stage at least by 3 years old. We never used pull ups except in the very begining week if we had to go into town (we live in the country -20 mins away from the nearest town). Just in case they would fall asleep or to long before we were able to get to a bathroom. We did try a musical potty with my 1st born daughter (3rd child) because she had a hard time using the stool and getting on the potty in time. Her urgency seemed greater than the other 3. Hope this helped. It was great for use and very affordable (minues special diapers/potties and such). Good luck to you

Cailyn - posted on 05/11/2009




I'm working on getting ready to potty train my son. He will be 2 at the end of this month. My best advice is just let him lead you. Don't force him to do anything, or he will just rebel and it will take way longer than it should. I let my son sit on his potty chair whenever he wants, even if he's sitting on it watching a movie. Your child will let you know when they are ready, just go with the flow!

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