whats your opinion of the mother that just had 8 babies?

Jenn - posted on 02/12/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




ive watched dr phil the past 2 days about that single, unemployed mom of 6 that just had 8 babies. im just wondering what people think about this. whats your opinion?


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Tricia - posted on 02/13/2009




I totally feel the same way. How is she possibly going to have enough time in a day to care for them each individually like she's been saying she does/and is going to do? I have a hard enough time sometimes dividing my time w/my 2 toddlers (ages 2 1/2 & 1 1/2) plus doing all the other things that need to be done during the day.
I TOTALLY DISAGREE with this woman making her own website and asking for donations!!! That is just totally wrong! She KNEW what she was doing because SHE wanted this so she should NOT be asking people for help as she maintains that she can "care" for her children by herself and not be on welfare. So in other words she's looking for other people to give her "handouts" . As tough as the economy is right now how many people have extra to be giving to someone that put themselves in this position. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against people having multiples but most of them have the means to support them and do not ask people for help.

I feel it's very unfair to these kids as I feel they aren't going to get the love and guidance they need growing up. My dad is from a family of 16 kids, which my Grandma had over 20 years! My dad was already gone from home when the 2 youngest were born.  They are very strong Catholics and they had the means to support the kids!

Sorry to voice my opinion so strongly but this woman just strikes a bad nerve in me! It makes me very irritated because we all know that a few of those kids are going to get "lost in the shuffle".  And my heart really goes out to her 3 yr old that is autistic. 

This is all just MY opinion...(I better quit rambling now but it just makes me angry!) lol

Marcie - posted on 02/13/2009




I don't agree with it at all.  I think her reasons for doing this are just completely selfish.  I also think the doctors are just wrong too.  The whole thing just bothers me.

Anthea - posted on 02/13/2009




i think that the doctors that implanted that many were extremely irresponsible. They must have known that she had 6 at home already. Come on, you cannot tell me that she can support herself and fourteen children.

I think every child is a miracle but a line has to be drawn somewhere. I hate to think if the children have any life long medical issues that she couldn't afford the time or medical care to deal with it.

Thats my view anyway :)

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