When and how should I potty train my son?

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i am wondering when i should start putting my son either on the potty or on the toilet with a potty seat (not sure which one would be best for him)


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Wow, thats great to know! I guess I have a while yet to worry about that then hahaha, my first child as you can probably tell. Thank you so much for that info, i will defintley get him a potty now when the time comes!!

Ashley - posted on 07/08/2009




I actually have both a potty and a seat. Both work fine. The potty is better if you want to try this tip on potty training... Get a fun potty and put it in the livingroom/ playroom where he can just drop anything he's doing and go. Also put a mat down in case of accidents...once he gets the hang of it gradually move the potty towards the bathroom until he can make it all the way to the bathroom. For my son I bought a Elmo's Potty Book coloring book that came with a chart and stickers...every time he went potty he got to put a sticker on a chart. He was so excited he tried to go every 30 min just to put a sticker on...worked like a charm. As for age...It depends on if hes ready. I started at 2 1/2 and he wasnt having it...but once he was ready it took less than a mnth for him to get it down he is now almost 4 and totally potty trained. To introduce the potty I suggest when he goes number 2 in his diaper take the dirty diaper to the bathroom and have him help you put it in the potty and flush so he can associate the two things together. Good Luck and dont give up it can be frustrating and there will be accidents. Always praise accomplishments and never punish accidents. And dont forget to take a special shopping trip so he can pick out his own big boy underwear!

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