When did your toddler start recognizing all the letters, the numbers, and the shapes?

Rana - posted on 05/09/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I mean when did he/she start? even if it wasn't so clear. I wanna know what is the norm for girls to say these things. My baby is now almost 17 months old and she knows the letters and the numbers and half of the shapes. Do you think she is gifted in learning? I personally think she is a fast learner and I am putting a lot of effort on her. But do gifted toddlers usually turn out to be good language learners?


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Rowan - posted on 04/02/2011




That's amazing! What a star. :) My son also knows all his letters and some of his numbers, and is even starting to sound out letters to form the word. I do believe we have smart kids on our hands! Best of luck, here's hoping we can nurture them without being pushy parents! :D xoxo

Annemaree - posted on 05/14/2010




i think she mite be a fast learner as my eldest knew her alphabet buy the age of 2 most shapes and most colours she is in grade 1 now n is a very fast learner and ahead of her class yet my other daughter is now 4 nearly 5 and still cant count to 20 without mucking it up she knows her alphabet ,colours and shapes ., i think there learning capabillities are all different

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