when is a good age to start potty training...

Megan - posted on 06/26/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




my daughter is almost two yers old now and she knows when she goes to the bathroom but she wont even sit on her potty I got her.... is it to early for me to be trying to get her to potty train... and any tips to help with teaching her to use the potty?


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I think it depends on the child. We are potty training my son who is almost two, but we are doing it slowly. He has been going on the potty to poop for many months, but pee pee seems to be our problem. The biggest help, treats and sticker chart. We started slowly just putting him on it once in a while, then once a day, etc. However, we first taught him to tell us he had to go poo poo. Good luck! It's a process....
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Stephanie - posted on 06/26/2009




With my son I started right before he turned two. At first he did not show much interest but we talked about it a lot and one day he just decided to go. I had better luck putting him on the regular toilet and after he went he got an M & M. My biggest suggestion would be when you really feel she gets the idea and has done it a couple times, put her in panties, not pull-ups. You can make a really big deal out of her getting to wear her "big girl princess panties" and if she has an accident she will not be comfortable and not want to have any more accidents. Every child is difficult so don't expect it to happen over night. My son went backwards for a little while, but now he very rarely has an accidents. Good luck!

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