when is he ready??

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my child is 22 months old and i was just wondering what signs to look for when hes ready to start potty training


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Different people do it differently for sure, but in my experience, earlier is better, and "readiness" signs aren't necessary! I think some kids show interest, but most need their parents to initiate the learning experience and lead them there with care and kindness :) If YOU are ready to make it a positive and fun learning experience for him, go for it! From what I've seen with friends and read on here, if you wait until they are 2.5 - 3 years old, they have formed more concrete ideas about the world, including that pee and poop go in diapers, and it's harder to change their mind and habits! Our son never showed any interest or "readiness" signs people often mention, but by 2.5 he was fully potty trained, and really likes that opportunity to be independent! Here is what I posted to another mom that worked for our son at ~23 months old:

I think you have to make it fun and exciting for them - try new games or have new toys that are JUST for playing with on the potty. For about a month we literally had to do something new for potty time EVERY day - race to the potty, Elmo has to potty, drumming on the potty, etc :)

If he goes in the potty, get SUPER excited - we had a special "potty dance" in the beginning that our son looked forward to after he went in the potty. Also, Dr Sears "You Can Go to the Potty" is a book our son liked.

Also, in my experience you should ditch the disposable diapers and pull-ups (at least when at home), because those really don't feel wet - our son learned to use the potty quickly, but would ALWAYS pee in those, because they are still comfy when wet. Have her go bare butt or use undies or cloth diapers, and if it's too messy, put on a plastic cover over them (Dappi's brand are great, and only $2 online). Get used to asking often - like every 1-2 hours - if he needs to go, and be consistent, so he understands it's part of his life, now.

Also, the "open door" policy is helpful - tell him when you are going to the potty, let him go with you, and explain what you are doing, let her get you toilet paper, flush, etc. We put our son's potty by ours so we could go "together" and it was like special time with mom or dad, lol :) That way they learn this is part of life, too, just like dinner, bedtime, etc.

Hope those tips help !

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