When is it not ok to be naked?

Courtney - posted on 08/06/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




What age should I stop my daughter from running around naked?! She's 2 1/2. She has boy cousins that are older then her (7, 4) and it makes me uncomfortable when they're naked while they swim at my moms. I don't mind her being naked at home behind closed doors, but I don't think it's appropriate otherwise. If my brother doesn't mind that his kids are naked, that's his business, but I don't like it. Am I being ridiculous?!


Janet - posted on 03/24/2013




The subject of nudity is different for everyone. Like many other subjects, there is no one set answer that applies to everyone in the U.S. or the world, regardless of what certain small-minded, self-centered groups and people may think. You should set the age limit and boundaries for nudity, not others. If you feel a certain age is too old to be nude in your home, for whatever reason, then the best thing may be to go with that. Obviously your brother has his own preference on age restrictions. Perhaps it's because he has sons and not daughters. Guys are different about nudity and less puritan. Most of the ones I've ever known would prefer to be naked all the time, including my husband and teenage son. LOL. My husband grew up in Europe before moving to the U.S. so he has no problem with being nude at home. He taught my son (who is 14 now) to be the same way. Both are nude around the house all the time, and it never bothered me. But that's me. BTW I'm assuming your brother's boys skinny dipping doesn't bother your mom either? But if your nephews being naked bothers you, tell your brother and mom about it. If they refuse to stop, then just don't go to your mom's while they are there swimming. Sometimes the best answer is to avoid situations rather than trying got force it to change to fit your own views on life and society; something I wish others would stop doing.


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Rachael - posted on 03/09/2019




Everyone is different. I don't mind my children swimming naked in our pool as long as only our family is there or grandparents. If we have cousins over or my siblings over my children MUST be wearing bathing suits

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There really is not set age. Most kids when they hit somewhere between 4 to 8 will choose to stop being naked around others (including Mom or Dad). Some could care less about others seeing them naked for the rest of their lives.
Swimming while naked, not really that big a deal in my opinion. Especially when you are with family. If you were on a public beach, yeah, no you wear a suit.
Every child is different and every parent is different. So no you don't have to like it, but it's really not up to you to decide.
The boys will get old enough that they don't want others to see them naked or likely your Mom will say something when they hit 10 or so.
Really we need to stop being afraid of our bodies and recognize that nakedness does not equal sexuality. Because that is what makes most of us uncomfortable about nakedness. We've been conditioned to think it goes hand in hand with being naked.
What you are doing is perfectly fine with your daughter and what your brother is doing is also perfectly fine. You just have a different comfort level for nakedness then your brother.

Heather - posted on 08/07/2011




I think this is a bit of a cultural thing. I live in Germany where there doesn't seem to be much of an issue with nudity. Kids regularly swim and play naked at the public pools here, often till ages 8-9. Noone bats an eye. When I first moved here, I was a bit shocked. A decade later, I barely notice it myself. Really, I think it's what you're used to.

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