When is the best time to take his bottle off??? How should i start doing it?

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My Son is 15 months old and im thinking about to take his bottle off. I ont know if its a good time and how to start.



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I took my daughter off the bottle when she was 10 months old. I gave her a bottle before bed time. The next morning I put her in her high chair and instead of giving her a bottle of milk I gave her the childrens cup with a straw in it. Like the cute ones they sell at walmart. I figured it would be easier since she already knew how to suck on a bottle she should be able to get how to suck on a straw. I showed her and it took her a minute or two but she got it. I got lucky though. She never threw a fit or cried. I got rid of all the bottles.
If that doesnt work for you then try getting a sippy cup or a cup with a straw and put his juice and milk in that. Only put water in the bottle. That might make it a little easier.

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This is a great age to take your son off the bottle. It is idea for children to be weaned from the bottle between 16-18 months of age.
You can start by offering only a sippy cup to drink out of at meals. I only ever put milk and water in my sippy cups. The bottles only ever got breastmilk or formula.
I got the NUBY sippy cups with the soft tip- it works a lot like a bottle.

So my son at that point only took a bottle to go to sleep, for bed and nap time, and then in the middle of the night to eat. At nap and bedtime I was able to replace the bottle with a sippy cup with water. that just left the midnight feeding, which my son gave up when he was ready.

Good luck!

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