When is the right time to transition my 18 month old to a toddler bed? Any suggestions I need help.

Amber - posted on 03/17/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




I'm trying to figure out when the right time is to take the rail off the baby bed. He is climbing out and the matress is as low as it will go.


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Alicia - posted on 03/18/2009




my daughter doesn't resist when its bedtime and tries to crawl in so we transitioned her crib to the toddler day bed for a week and it worked okay. She was only 15 mos old at the time. She stayed in at first and thought it was cool to get in/out by herself. Our toy poodle then took a liking to sleeping with her, but when my daughter woke up and the dog wasn't there she would come looking for it. Several times she made it to my bed and pulled the covers before I realized she was out of bed. I'm a light sleeper and we have a video monitor. She was really quiet. So after a week of not getting much sleep myself I decided I wasn't ready! So I switched it back and she's been fine. We want to change it at 18 mos which is next month, but we are planning to move to another state in the next 2 months for my husbands job, so we want to wait so there's not too much going on for her at the same time. Same thing with potty training. She's very interested in it, and we play, but I haven't been consistent. My mom thinks we could have her potty trained before we move with some dedication now. So I've been debating trying that now and switching the bed again when we move. new place, new room, new bed. She seems to do well with changes grouped together like that.

Amanda - posted on 03/18/2009




Quoting Sara:

We are wondering the same thing right now. He climbed out once a few months ago. I think he scared himself pretty good because he has not done it since.

Sara my son did the same exact thing. Pretty sure it scared him enough not to try again. He is 26 mo. old and I am not planning on moving him until I absolutely have to. I don't like the idea of him being able to get out of bed and roam the house. Amber I think if you little one is consistently climbing out it is probably time for the transition. Good Luck!!! :)

Amy - posted on 03/18/2009




I agree with Heather, It sounds like your baby is ready know, I wouldn't wait any longer.He could get hurt. Good luck.AmyDomaingue

Rachel - posted on 03/18/2009




my daughter will be 2 in july and she has already climbed out of her crib. as soon as we move our 4 yr old out of the same room we are going to get her a toddler bed. thier bedroom is right by stairs and i dnt want her going down them at night but cant put a gate up untill i move my oldest out just incase she has to use the bathroom at night. but i think your son is ready lol now you get to start trying to keep him in bed puritie my oldest would wait tell we went to bed then get up and play id find her asleep in her toys when id go to check on her

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If he's crawling out, you need to do it now before he hurts himself. Make sure there is a railing up so he won't roll out.

To make it fun, go out and buy him new toddler bedding and let him choose it. Maybe get a new stuff animal to sleep with also.

My son never climed out of the crib, but around his 2nd birthday we broke down the crib into a toddler bed and he never was against it. It's just one more reminder that our baby's are baby's anymore :(

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If he is climbing out then it sounds like he is ready. With the rail gone he will be able to slide out more safely. Be prepared to teach him to stay in the bed. It took my son about a week to learn that he needed to stay in his bed without getting out.

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We are wondering the same thing right now. He climbed out once a few months ago. I think he scared himself pretty good because he has not done it since.

Gemma - posted on 03/17/2009




It depends on the child in my opinion. You will know when you feel ready to take the rail off. Jasmin went into her toddler bed just after her 2nd birthday and had no rail, for the first few weeks I put her old cot mattress on the floor beside the bed, but she never fell out. She had little bars by the head though, so unless she moved down the bed and then rolled, it would of been pretty impossible lol! He sounds ready for you to remove the rail, it's all about trial and error, perhaps take the rail away and piles up some bedding beside the bed so if he does fall, he won't hurt himself?

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