When should I move her into a big girl bed from her crib?

Rosie - posted on 09/20/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My oldest will be no older then 19 months when I have our 2nd child and we will need the crib she is currently using for the new baby, when should I start trying to transition her into a toddler bed?


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Jennifer - posted on 09/21/2009




since she is 19 months old she should be ok with a toddler bed make sure u have rails and a baby monitor. u can also put pillows or couch cushions on the side of the bed and if possible push the bed to the wall so u only have on side for her to roll off of.

Gwen - posted on 09/20/2009




I agree with Amber, introduce the toddler bed a month or 2 before the new baby arrives. That way, it won't be such a shock for her, and she won't be adjusting to a new baby AND a new bed at the same time. We had to do something similar to you -- we had to move my 4 year old out of his toddler bed because my 2 year old was climbing out of the crib. We figured he'd be thrilled to inherit his older brother's toddler bed because he was constantly going on top of the toddler bed, but it turns out he's more interested in his brother's new bed than his own!

Good luck!

Amber - posted on 09/20/2009




I've always waited until they learn they can climb out of the crib, but your situation is a bit different. You should definitely introduce the bed before the new baby arrives. This way there are no feelings of the new baby replacing her. I've always heard these tips; set the toddler bed up in her room and let her adjust to it being there before using it, use as many of the same blankets and such she used in the crib on the toddler bed, encourage daytime naps to be taken in the bed, refer to the crib as the "baby bed" and the new one a "big girl bed". These are only a few tips, but hopefully they help! Best of luck!

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