When should I start potty training? My daughter just turned 1 and my husband is already asking me if we are going to start potty traing. I honestly don't know when is a good time. Should I wait until I have a solid sleep routine?


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Tracy-ann - posted on 01/30/2009




from just going through this with my 3 year old boy.i started at 2 he would pee on the potty but not poop.then he didn't want to do either ,i waited till he was 3 and now he is fully trained day and night.i won't be repeating the same mistake with my 22 month old.i think until they can really communicate with you you should wait.hope this helps

Tabatha - posted on 01/30/2009




Kids are good at telling us when their ready for the next step.... Ask your mother-in-law when your husband was potty trained. lol

I've heard that girls are easier and faster with the potty training, and it's true with my two kids. My son is 2 and 8 months and my daughter is 1 and 6 months and she’s the one that seems ready and has already tried a few time with no luck....maybe next time!


Good luck! :-)

Ann - posted on 01/30/2009




i agree with victoria on this one by waiting until the are ready because if you force for your or your husbands convinience it will take longer and could very much stress your lil girl out leading to it taking longer than it should yourlil girl is only one and should be enjoying the new things she has learned i.e walking or cruising. remember tho every parent and child is different she will do it wens she's ready

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I have heard that the average age for girls is 2 and boys is 3. I started sitting my boys on the potty when they could sit up just so they werent scared of it. When my eldest boy turned 2 I put him in undies day and night so he could feel how uncomfortable he would be if he had an accident. He was completely trained in one month, day and night. I have also heard that training them in summer is better then winter because the winter is too cold. They can be trained without a solid sleep routine. My eldest is 4 and he still doesnt sleep through the night. If you think your daughter is interested then you can start. Maybe start by putting her on a potty while you are on the toilet so she see's there is nothing to be scared of. If you start now and your daughter doesnt want to know or isnt getting it you can always stop and start again later. Hope I helped.

Victoria - posted on 01/29/2009




my maturnal health nurse gave me a thing to read on toilet traning and it said that the best time to toilet trian is when you can tell they are ready.. and there are a few ways to be able to tell this..

when ur child starts to take their own bottoms off, when their patterns of going to the toilet in their nappy is different like they don't pee as much but when they do pee they really soil their nappie.. umm when they ask to go to the toilet.. but my daughter mucks me around with this one..she saids she wants to go to the toilet but when u set her down she doesn't go she just wants the toilet paper..

i heard just a word of mouth that it's probley better to start training them in the summer when it warm then in the winter when it's cold..

those are just a couple of tips.. i don't think i've heard a 1year old go to the toilet yet.. if you suceed in that let me know.. i might train my next kid at the age

Latisha - posted on 01/29/2009




Hi Coby,

While every child is different, I am a mom of 6 and it has worked for me to "introduce the potty to them at the age of 1. I always bought them a potty let them sit on it, use the words, like potty..pee pee , stinky boo boo or whatever works for you. Especially when they make in the pamper. By the time they were 2 it was much easier for me. Try to avoid those potties with music and toys because it tends to confuse them. I always kept it in the bath room, and just let them be at their own pace. I have 5 girls and one boy. For the girls it worked when I was training to NOT buy too many pull ups. I only used them at night and for long trips, because they would confuse my kids as well. The pretty panties always worked for my girls, they got a sense of pride to wear big girl panties, especially if it was their favorite charecter. For my son pretty much the same thing except the standing up part to which I owe my husband the credit on that. : )  Good luck and enjoy. Block out people who are going to want to tell you that they should be trained already and some will even go as far as to tell you that you have to spank them. I never had to do such.  When you know that they know better and they are being stubborn about it, I would use the pullups or pampers, and say things like "oh i thought you were a big girl, guess we have to put on the baby pampers. Then go back to your normal, praising them for wearing big girl/boy undies.

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