When should pull up pants be used??

Victoria - posted on 06/19/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My little girl is 16 months old and recently she has been pulling off her Pampers active fit nappies at night. WE decided to switch her to the Pampers pull up' only they seem to get full really quick and just hang off her as in Active fit she is size 5+ however they dont do this in the Pull up's. Just dont know wether to stick with the Active fit or if at this age she should be using Pull ups? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Sarah - posted on 06/29/2010




Any kind of pull-ups/easy-ups are not meant to be a diaper. They are meant to be a potty training tool. So this means they are not created to hold a lot of pee. They are meant to be a clean/easy way to train your child without the mess of peeing their pants when they have accidents. That being said I do NOT like using pull-ups/easy-ups as a training tool during the day. They are, to kids, a diaper that is just easier to pull up and down. I found that having the pull-up on they will pee in it more often and not care. When they are in underwear and don't like the feel of having wet underwear and pants then they tend to care more and want to go in the potty chair more. I did use pull-ups for overnight. Make sure that they don't drink much 1 hr before bed and that they go potty before bed.

Lisa - posted on 06/28/2010




with my girls i started using pull ups at 16months and 18 months . but i also started potty trainng them at that age because dipers never stay on. now my son is almost 17 months and takeing diper off but not ready for potty yet . he's still wear dipers. see if she'll use potty before bed.


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Morgan - posted on 06/28/2010




I agree easy ups are way better than pull ups. Or if you use pull ups they do have the night time one for at night.

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