when to give fresh milk

Laura - posted on 08/02/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




i always thought that by the age of 1 a child can have fresh milk but my daughter will not take to it and gags on it nd i dont want her to become dehydrated so i always give in nd give her formula can any1 give me some advice


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Gena - posted on 08/18/2010




My dr told me to mix the milk with the formula about 3/4 formula, 1/4 milk to begin with and then once they get used to that, add more and more milk gradually.

Sam - posted on 08/18/2010




Your daughter won't dehydrate from not drinking fresh milk as long as she is drinking sugar free juice or water throughout the day!! Maybe you could try watering down her formula with some cows milk only an ounce or so at a time so she can get used tot he taste of it and then continue to increase the cows milk and decrease the formula. If that doesn't work try adding the milk to food, like scrambled eggs and cereal, things like that. If your daughter still doesn't take to milk then you can just forego it as long as she is getting calcium from other sources i.e cheese, yoghurts etc

Hope it helps xx

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