Where learning colors,shapes &numbers How do I get it all to stick in a 4yr olds mind?


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Carolee - posted on 05/03/2010




Do it while playing, and repeat it often. If you make it fun, they'll want to do it more often and then it has a better chance of sticking with them.

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repeat repeat repeat! Thats the only way we have gotten it to stick with our daughter.

She knows her colours really well and her shapes but she doesnt know her alphabet to well. She does sort of know her numbers. I can ask her to get me a certain number of whatever and she will get exactly what i asked for but she doesnt know ( if that makes sence) she can sort of count and we just make games of it.

Say you want her to get some clothes ask for a certain colour and when putting things away make a game of it by counting. "thats 1 in the toy box, thats 2" etc

hope you understand what i mean and i hope it helps!

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