Whiny child related to Coddling?

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My husband seems to think that because when my children fall If they cry I give them a hug and kis and tell them its all right or cuddle with then for a few mins if they are REALLY crying that I am creating whiny kids.

The other day my 8 month old son was sitting up and fell over onto our laminate flooring and started crying so I picked him up and cuddled him. My husband proceeded to say that it's my fault my Daughter (shes 2) whines/crys every time she stubs her toe (which happens a lot because she's clumsy) or we say no and I'm just doing the same with my son.

Do you agree with him that it's my fault in anyway? or are some kids just like that?


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Two year olds are whiney. They are still figuring things out. They need to know when they get hurt someone will take care of them. While holding and consoling I always talk about a better way to solve the problem with my 3,6,8 year old. Some kids are more sensitive. You can work on them being whiney when they also aren't in pain.


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Good grief, your husband sounds like mine. The 8-month old CERTAINLY gets a cuddle. :) Two-year olds are whiny by nature. Somewhere between 2-3 all kids seem to go through a diva stage, where everything from a "No" to a dropped sippy cup to the wrong color marker makes them howl and sob. But trust me, you'll know the difference between an actual "I hurt myself and I need a KISS" howl and an "I dropped my cracker on the floor" howl. With my son (3), if it's a major boo-boo, I do the whole kiss and cuddle routine (plus bandaids and first aid if required). If it's a minor boo-boo (stubbed toe, e.g.), I say, "Gee, that looks like it hurt. You OK?" and he promptly calms down and says, "Yep, I'm fine!". If it's howling just to be whiny, I acknowledge that something went wrong and offer a helpful suggestion: "I see you spilled your milk. Here's a cloth; why don't you wipe it up and we'll get you a fresh glass of milk."

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