Who's babies cry more after you tell them to stop end they can't get there way?

Marie - posted on 07/06/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My baby soesn't stop crying after you tell her to stop. You can threaten her with a punishment or send her to her room, but if you do that she screams and sound like a car struggling to start. HEHEHE. Any way can some one please help me i'm desperate. At night i can't wait for her to go to bed because iam so tired. she doesn't stop crying. Heeeeeeelp?


Geralyn - posted on 07/10/2010




I agree with Gillian. Just try adjusting your responses and see if it makes a difference. It should.... If you are crying about something and someone told you to stop, how would you feel? I am not sure why crying would be punishable.... Try responding with concern. Part of the challenge of parenting early on before they can communicate is to try to figure out why they are crying and responding appropriately.

Lady - posted on 07/07/2010




Just telling her to stop is never going to work, she's just tiny and doesn't understand. There must be a reason she is crying in the first place. Try to either find out what it is or try distracting her with toys or books or even the TV.
I know it's a frustrating age because they aren't quite able to tell you what's wrong yet but however frustrating it is for you it's ten times worse for her. Try to put yourself in her shoes and imagine you were hurt of upset or desperatley wanted something but couldn't tell anyone what it was and the one person you loved more than anything instead of trying to help you just yelled at you - wouldn't that make you cry too???
If you are finding her hard to deal with try and either get a break away from her or just a few hours or get out the house - going to the park or to feed the ducks will make you both feel a lot better.


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