Why am I struggling with Dayvon's potty training ????


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I have a girl but I stressed over potty training a LOT. We still have issues with accidents even though she's gone weeks without any.

I say let him lead the way. When you can, give him naked time and keep a potty chair close. If he resists, wait and try again in a few weeks or months. Small rewards worked for us in the beginning (we used marshmellows). I think it becomes very clear when they are ready and does no good to stress on it before they give you the signs.

Good luck!

Yolanda - posted on 08/18/2009




Dayvon may be too young...it always takes boys longer than girls. You will know when he is ready he starts telling you he's wet. How old is he? I introduced my son to the potty when he was about 20 months, he went pee-pee and pooped once. Then he saw is little sister getting changed and he wanted to be changed too so he stopped using the potty on his own. He just turned three last week and I allow him to wear "big boy" underwear not pull ups, and he has had maybe one or two accidents a day. i get his favorite characters and tell him not to poop or pee-pee on the characters. Yesterday without me telling him he pooped in the potty. Make sure you encourage him when he goes to the potty make it a really big thing. Also tell him to go to the potty or put him on the potty every twenty minutes until he gets it right. I hope this helps.

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