why does my son still sucking on his thumb for


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Betty - posted on 07/15/2010




I had issues with my son sucking his thumb all the time, but he cried so hard when I pull his thumb out of his mouth. All he loves to do is suck his thumb. We've put all these things on his chemicals and home remedies...but no success.

I then just thought I would give up; I figured he isn't hurting anyone and that was his security blanked. Then I asked his doctor about it and he told me all the bad things that can happen as far as his teeth are concerned & its stops your chin development!

He told me to look at adults with no chin form and that most likely means they sucked the them...

So I searched online and found these pair of gloves...he loved wearing them & after a couple of months he has stopped sucking his thumb!

Here is the site in case anyone else is looking

http://endthumbsucking.com/ - Stop Thumb sucking

Erin - posted on 07/08/2010




Because it makes him feel secure. He's still little, mine sucks on his finger. Some kids do it for a long time. I read a pamplit on thumb sucking and pacifires in my pediatricians office once. They will stop on there own eventually. And if they're still doing it when they're a little older they will stop doing it in front of others because of peer preasure and maybe only do it to help themselves get to sleep at night. It's rare that a child will suck their thumb into adulthood. My mother said I sucked my thumb when I was little and stopped at around 3. Your son is not yet 2, I wouldn't worry.

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