Why does my three year old wake up dry with a nappy on but wet the bed at night without one on? Also how do I stop this? I've tried waking him up at night to go to the toilet and even that isn't working.


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Amanda - posted on 06/04/2012




I was able to get my son fully day time potty trained by his 2nd birthday, and that's when I started with night time which took me a month. I would cut him off of all drinks an hour before bed and would make him sit on the potty til he peed before he got into bed. After about a week or two, he was waking up dry almost every night, so I cut it down to a half hour before bed and make him pee. Again, he was waking up dry every night. When I cut back on the drinks before bed, if he said he was thirsty, I would allow him to have one little sip of something just to not have a dry mouth and it wouldn't really effect him having to pee. Good luck!

Maren - posted on 05/30/2012




I used to have the same issue with my daughter from the time she was 3.5 until 4.5. I think it was just a power strugle, she wanted the control. I let her stay in diapers until she started asking to wear underware to bed. We have had no accidents since then.
Since she always woke up dry we would reuse the same diaper for 3 or 4 nights to save $ and there were no problems with that.

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