Why doesn't my 2 yr want to go on the potty???

Mia - posted on 10/26/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My 2 yr old daughter wants to just sit on the potty then flush. She refuses to sit there for any amount of time. We've tried to make it interesting and fun but she does not want any part of having to sit on the potty. She also doesn't care for her diapers any more which is becoming a problem if she is not going to go on the potty.


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Anna - posted on 10/26/2009




She's probably just not ready. I think most kids get toilet trained between ages 3-4.

Mia - posted on 10/26/2009




Yea we've made games and songs it just doesn't seem to get the job done. I am expecting a baby in March so I was hoping to get her trained by that time. I know don't rush it...

Thank you for the feed back I'll keep you updated.

Marie - posted on 10/26/2009




Try pull ups. But she will go when she is ready. Is she in school? If not maybe seeing other big girls go might help.

Josette - posted on 10/26/2009




maybe a star chart could help as all children love being rewarded for things and seeing a sticker chart full of stickers,lots of praise if she does anything on the potty,it took me a long time to get my son kade who is now 3 o do anything on the potty especially num 2,he would walk to corner of the room do a num 2 in his pants then come and find me and tell me,but it could also be that shes just not ready yet,my son was over 2 and half,but 1 day she will just sit there and surprise you every child is different,x

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don't push it, you will push your child away from it even more and 2years old is still young. This is VERY normal. Make games of it. Let them see you go. make a "potty" song up. When you are changing them from a dirty Diaper ask them if they would like to sit on the potty, before they take a bath ask them to sit on the potty. If they say no, say, "ok, maybe next time" and leave it be. if your child likes music in any way and dances to the silly songs from Nick jr or any show or CD make a song up for using the potty and sing it while they are watching you go. Hope this helps

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