why doesn't my 9 moth old baby sleep all night


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Erin - posted on 06/03/2010




All kids are different. And sometimes kids will go through phases where they will sleep awesome then all of a sudden won't sleep through the night. What I've always done is not gone in when my son wakes up unless he cries longer than a few minutes and he sounds REALLY upset. Otherwise I've always let him get himself back to sleep. He also has always slept with a white noise machine which I think really helps him to stay asleep throughout the night.

Lady - posted on 06/03/2010




If I knew the answer to that one I'm sure I'd be a very rich women.
All children are diiferent, my first two where sleeping through by this age but my next two took a bit longer. I'm not sure I really did anything different but they just acted differently. I would say routine is the key. Play, bath, milk and quiet time. Keep consitent and let him know what is expected of him. When he wakes keep things dark and quiet if at all possible just a quick cuddle then back down or if really needed a drink then back down - try and give him the message night is for sleeping not for playing and he should soon get the hang of it - good luck!

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