Why is potty training so hard??? my daughter wont go on her potty n just wee on the floor


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Krissy - posted on 10/29/2010




ohh sara i hope not!!! my girl is almost 16 months and keeps her nappy dry for long periods then she takes it off pants and all weather its poop or wee. she's driving me bannanas !!! im waiting to see this next week if it continues, i dont tell her no because im not wanting issues later on i just let her crawl-yes she knows how to walk but self confidence is lacking as she has two left feet and face to floors hurt. she knows about wee sometimes as one time it didnt click until i see wet on floor but she was curious about it. i have adhd 5 yr old who occupies me almost all the time so my 2 way focus sometimes is unfocused with his continuas bouncing. so im guessing shes almost ready. sian if you look up kidspot.com.au/toilettraining you can see the signs.

Amy - posted on 10/28/2010




Don't get frustrated. I also think she's just not ready. Usually you can just show them how to do it and they do it when they're ready on their own terms. The more we parents push, the more they will refuse. When I gave up trying to train my daughter and said, whatever, no more panties, put diapers back on, she decided she didn't like diapers and would like to use the potty. When I said, up to you, I'm done fighting about it. Then she did, because it was on her own and no one was pressuring her to do it right. I have an 18 month old son who likes to sit on the potty. Am I going to start potty training? NOPE. When he can be tall enough to get on his potty and pull his pants and diaper down by himself, he is welcome to it. Not worth the headache we put on ourselves.

Casey - posted on 10/27/2010




I agree with Sara shes probably not ready to toilet traing yet, I think if they can't tell you yet that they need to go to the toilet then they are not ready. If you try doing it to early or before she is ready it will just be a nightmare for you both, and you need to be really persistant with her when you do start trying ask her constantly if she needs to go to the toilet and even when she says no just say well lets try anyways and just see, toilet training is really really hard and takes alot of work. My son is 26 months and I'm not even considering trying toilet training for a while yet cause it's not worth the stress when I know his not ready.

Sara - posted on 10/27/2010




She's probably not ready yet. When she's really ready, potty training should only take days to understand. Wait and try again before you drive her and yourself nuts! Remember the average age for girls to be completely potty trained is 34 months.

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