Wine and wine all day...

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I have a little boy who now began about two weeks ago to wine and cry for everything, this is going on all day everyday, and to add to my situation he is acting up so wild and is hitting, something he never did ever, now and then it gets to me and I tell him to talk to me and not wine about it, I walk away til he talks the way I can understand him, but it's not working. How can I get him to stop, it's getting old, all this wining.


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How old is your son? When my son was 2 he went through a whiny, clingy phase but it was because his 2 year old molars were coming in and he was uncomfortable. Once the teeth broke through he was fine. Then he went through a phase where he was testing me. I felt like all my buttons were being pushed. I realized the need for boundaries and consequences. I ignored the whining, ignored the tantrums, and put him in time out when he hit people. It took time and patience but he learned that I wasn't going to allow him to act that way. So, hang in there and don't give in to the whining. Tell him that you will listen to him when he can use his big boy voice.

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I agree with the whining back at the child, especially when they are really getting on your nerves. If nothing else it can make you feel a little better and inject some humor into the situation. I've also told my 3 year old that I can not understand him when he whines and ignore the requests. If this is really very new though, make sure there isn't a physical cause, such as the molars already mentioned. It is certainly not fun to be feeling yucky. The hitting along with the whining makes me think this may just be a new and effective way of pushing your buttons. Could be he's trying to communicate frustration too, which may need some investigation- may not have the words yet for what is going on. Hope something helps!

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You could try to whine back at him. They don't like it anymore than adults do. lt worked quickly for my son.

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i don't disagree that whining needs to be discouraged (drives me BATTY) but i also agree it could be molars. Try some advil, see if he chills out a bit.


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Krystyn - posted on 07/07/2011




My son whines at everything too. If i tell him to do something, ask him to do me a favor sometimes he does it n i dont have a problem but other times its "i dont want to" or "but mommi i dont WANT to" . thats my main problem the screaming n whining n the i dont want to. ... i ignore him most of the time, when he throws himself down i just walk away or act like hes not even there.

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my grandson wines and hits but hes very sweet at times when i wine back he just throws himself on the floor and bangs his head, now i walk away and he goes about his business, he was not treated very well by his mother so now that i have him i feel sorry for him alot....sometimes i just dont know what to do....

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