wot to do wen my son throws a tantrum xx

Sammy - posted on 11/26/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




my son keeps on throwin really bad tantrums n i dont no how to control him


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Valerie - posted on 11/28/2009




i would not recommend that you ignore them. I would get curious and ask what up...and if he tells you something go with it in the same manner that he is which will actually help to diffuse faster when he knows he's being heard...i know this goes counter to the ignore...one shows respect ad one method discounts...paying attention acknowledges and respects the other person...ask what would be helpful after the problem is on the table and when you hear an acceptable answer then go with it...if the child wants a cookie and that is acceptable gow with it, if there answer isn't an option then say a cookie isn't a good idea right now so what else would be helpful...until a workable solution has been reached...when he isn't upset talk with him about what to do next time rather than the yelling and crying...that way you help guide future behavior...

Mary - posted on 11/28/2009




Yes mine does the same thing, when he does not get his own way. All I do is just try and take his mind off of it, I really did not want to do the crib thing, I did not want him thinking that the crib was punishment, so that he would not go to bed, so I just try and take his mind off of the tantrum and that seems to work wonders.

Sammy - posted on 11/28/2009




yea thas wot i do to kj count to 3 but now tha he is jus learnin his numbers he things its funny to copy wot i am sayin but he does listen some tyms he tests me as soon as i get to 2 i can hear im sneekin towards me. jus like rite this moment he is in his bedroom screamin mam coz he doesnt wont to go to bed but i am ignorin him n i actually think he has realised. c u soon emma xxx

Emma - posted on 11/28/2009




hi sammy. avas the same. shes calmed down alot now tho. iv put my foot down big time wi her. i take toys away until she calms down. always mean what you say and never back down coz thats wen she got me. i also put her on time out for 3 mins. although not very often coz not getting treats or toys taken is enuf for her. we have a routine for meals and snacks too.ill see you soon.xxx oh i aways warn her 1st and give her 2 chances.xx

Christy - posted on 11/27/2009




depends on why he is throwing tantrums? if its because hes not getting what he wants. tell him this behavior is not good/except-able then put in time out (no toys or tv). tell him when he calms down he can come get a hug from mommy ( then talk about it in his words) but definitely ignore him except to enforce time out (and enforce why, & say you love him) .
if its because he is hungry/tired, explain he needs to calm down. comfort or feed. if that falls resort to time out/ignore. and then adjust his schedule to reduce this from happening. if you are consistent about a week or so. ill you will have to do is give him the look.
iv have worked in the child care field as well as have a very strong willed son my self :)
i wish you much patients.
you are welcome to contact me if u need help.

Alicia - posted on 11/26/2009




I agree, ignore it, and pay attention to him and compliment when he is being good, so he knows that ONLY good behavior will get your attention.

Diane - posted on 11/26/2009




Put him into his crib until he stops. Do it every time he throw a fit and the most important thing is be consistant. Time out. Tell him when he stops he can come out. When in public take him home immdiately. It will be hard for a short time, when you do it consistanly hopefully you graduate to just threating good luck

Brandi - posted on 11/26/2009




IGNORE THEM!! It is the fastest, most effective way to get them to stop. He will soon learn that in order to receive attention from you, he must act appropriately. Good luck.

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