What is a normal wake up time for a 19 week old?

my lil boy is 19 weeks old and in the past month he has started to wake up between 4 and 5 o'clock in the mornin, is this normal as it is my first? as soon as i pick him up and...

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How much milk does a 19 week old need?

I am going to try to feed my son breast milk, expressed via pump for the first time. How much do I need to feed him, to make sure I have enough and/or not waste it?

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Hi my name is Alaina..I have a 19 week old son Jackson, he was born feb 7th of this year!!! and i am loving being a mom....


at what aged do babies lift their head

my daughter is 19 weeks old and when i lay her on her tummy she still wont lift her head off the ground, is this something to worry about?

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Hi there

I'm new to this group. I am mom to Jack who will be 2 on 17th feb, and Ethan who is 19 weeks old. Am finding life very hectic with a toddler and newborn, but also wonderful....


when should I stop swaddling my baby ?

My baby girl is 19 weeks old, I still swaddle her, especially during the night; because when I don't she sleeps for short periods (15 to 45 minutes). I don't know what to do to...

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So my daughter was born Aug 29th. she is 19 weeks old. so i say she is a week shy of 5 months because i go by weeks. when do you stop counting age by the weeks? if i go 29th to...


Rosy cheeks

My son Evan is 19 weeks old and showing major signs of teething (everything constantly in his mouth, drooling, crankiness etc...). This morning he woke up and his cheeks were...


hello every one

i'm 21 and i have a 3 and a half month old baby girl name Arianna. i just got invited to this site so i dont reli know what to talk about lol

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Fussy after eating Rice Cereal

My 19 week old son gets really fussy in the evenings after eating rice cereal mixed with breast milk. An suggestions as to what might be causing this? Is his digestive system...

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trachs, G-tubes, and Nissens

i have a baby who was born and 24weeks 4 days he is now 19 weeks old and adjusted ages of 3 1/2weeks he had a trach put in on his due date has severe BPD and now they are...

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New to group

Hello all! I am a new mommy to a beautiful 19-week old girl from Des Moines, IA. My family attends Heartland Christian Fellowship (a Calvary Chapel church)... actually we live...

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