41 weeks pregnant & desperate

I'll be 41 weeks tomorrow. Have yet to dilate, doctor will induce next monday if nothing happens from now until then. I was induced with picotin on my first and went though hell...


genital herpes 41 weeks pregnant

hi was just wondering if any one can help me, basically im just a stress head doctors have tried to reassure me but I keep googling and loads of other stuff comes up. Basically...


41 weeks pregnant and fed up.

im so frustrated both my previous children were over a week late and i was so hoping for this baby to be just a bit earlier but now im at 41 weeks and huge and just want to meet...

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I am 41 weeks pregnant....

and I'm sure I'll be judged for this, I am on methadone. Never was a "junkie", never used recreationally, after breaking my back a year and a half before I got pregnant, I was...

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41 weeks pregnant, anyone else over?

My baby boy was due august 21st, and I still have yet to show signs of labor. ( my EDD is very accurate). I have had no BH contractions. I've been losing my plug slowly for the...

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Hi ladies I saw this word play game on another forum and I thought it would be fun to play. I hope people are up for a bit of game!!!!!!! I start off with a word and the next...

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March 15th Babies

I was looking to see if there were any other babies born March 15th. My daughter was born on March 15th at 39 weeks exactly. Her ODD was March 22nd. She weighed 6lbs 4.9 oz and...

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I had my son @ home..It was the best! He is my middle child. I was pregnant with my first child @ 19 being so young I was in no way prepared for what my body,mind, emotions went...


For those who had heavy babies...

Hi all i'm 23 i had my son James at 17 he was 10lb and my daughter Lia at 18 she was 10lb 7oz I was told by my doctor that if my next baby is smaller say 7lb they'll have to...


Who was bigger?

I know they say there is a correlation between your health during pregnancy and the weight of your baby and also genetics play a huge factor. But I was wondering how many people...

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