Lip Piercings? For boys?

My fourteen year-old son, Leander, wants to get his lip pierced. He's an AB Honor Roll student and the only thing he ever really gets in trouble for is playing his music too...


So Smart!

My daughter is almost 4 years old and is so much more advanced than any of my friends children. Do any of you notice the same thing.


Type 2 inattentive ADD??

I've been reading some of the older posts from a couple of years ago about ADD/ADHD. We had a meeting with our son's teacher, who is absolutely awesome. She told us our 8 year...


Preteen daughter issues with school

Our daughter will be 10 in June and this school year has been frustrating. She was on A,B honor roll the first half of the year then we started seeing C's. We grounded her from...

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Standardized Tests

My 4th grader just got her results from her LEAP Test. They are required to pass this in order to get to 5th grade. Now, she and her two little friends have been agonizing over...


Actual users of Vyvanse

My son is almost 9 and was diagnosed with ADHD about a year ago. He has been seeing a therapist and many of his behaviors have gotten much better. The only thing that hadn't...


Outspoken Teenager

I have a 14 year old daughter that is constantly disrespectful to me & her father. At school she is an A/B honor roll student taking AP classes. Teachers love her....


ADHD Evaluation?

Since kindergarten the school has thought my daughter has ADHD. At the time we decided to see if there was anything that could be done for her. She's now 7 and the school...


Need Help with a Tween girl.

My step-daughter is 11. She has lived with my DH and I for the past 6 years with little contact from her birth mom (mom's idea, not ours). Dh is active duty military, and as of...

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Impulse control

I have an 1 (almost12) year old son with ADHD. We are having problems in school with controling his anger. He is VERY inpulsive. He never takes time to think he just reacts....


low vision kid in school.

my son just started his preschool.he has a very low vision but docs has to do tests to tell exact positon.the opthamologist 's opinion was his eyesight cant b correctd with...

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I don't think it's ADHD

I have 3 children, my oldest daughter is from a previous marriage. When she was around 2, her father and I got a divorce. For the next 6 years she lived primarily with her...