acid reflux

My little girl that is 9 years old has had stomach aches for 3+ years now. We finally got a good Dr. and she has severe acid reflux. Come to find out her muscle at the end of...


Acid Reflux

Sorry I've been so MIA guys!! Had a lot of problems getting internet at our new place (we're homeowners now!!!!! woohooooo!!!) but finally got it back of Friday!!...

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Acid Reflux/ GERD

Hello~ Does anyone have a baby that is having issues with GERD or Acid Reflux? My son is currently on medication, but is still spitting up close to 50 times a day and has...


Baby with Acid reflex....?

My 4 month old son was diagnosed with acid reflex when he was 4 weeks old..he used to make these weird faces with his tongue and choking sounds but since hes been on zantac 3x a...

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reflux questions

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me. i swear my 5 week old has reflux, she has a good amount of the symptoms, and i know she is uncomfortable. When i brought it up...


Baby with GERD (reflux)?

My son is almost 6 months old and has had GERD since birth. He currently takes 1.5 ml of Ranitidine twice a day. The medicine helps but he still spits up more than normal. We...


Advice on gastric reflux

Our son is 2 months old now and was diagnosed with gastric reflux at 2 weeks. I cant breastfeed and he cant drink anti-relux formula due to some sensitivity. We keep him in an...


Hey, My little Tay has Reflux...

Hey, My little girl has reflux and I have been trying a few different Formula's to help it but it still seams to be bad. Has anyone been through this or can someone give me a...

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which meds for ADHD work for you?

I have struggled with if I should use meds or not but I have tried everything else and nothing seems to help. So after seeing the dr today they want me to see what meds I like...



My Little Boy Seems To Be Kinda Fussy When He Eats. He'll Push The Bottle Away And Then Want To Eat Again Not Long After That. Any Tips Or Suggestions?


Spitting Up

My son is now 10 1/2 months old and still spits up a good bit. I have talked to the doctor's about it being acid reflux, but because Bryce continues to gain weight, they won't...

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