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celiac & ADHD connection?

Hello everyone, I just joined. My almost-5-yr-old son is showing signs of ADHD and I'm conflicted about giving him meds since he's so young. I have CS, diagnosed about 15...

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Started by Stephanie on 12/20/2008 in Moms Of Celiac Kids

Last update on 04/16/2009 by Jennifer



ok i have a 3 year old that i think as aspergers he flaps does things over and over bout 30 time he lines his cars up those are things i can handle here are the things i cant...


Drugs for Autism / ADHD

Hi - just wondering if anyone else is using Risperdone or Ritalin with their kids - if so how much (age of child) and how have you found it? Noticed any side effects?...


Vaccine = Autism????

Parents, just wondering how you feel about vaccines and your kids? and Autism? Just found out my 2 year old has mild autism. and my 4 year old is getting his shots tomorrow one...


autism and doggy

i have a 8 year od son who,s autistic and we bought a puppy back in october,my son was scared at first but slowly got used to him,he,s still a bit nervous around but i let him...


rage and autism

My son is almost 11 and is having the worst rage outbursts. It has been going on for a year now. He is hitting, attacking us, biting, slapping, yelling, and now swearing. He...


ADHD Frustration

Sorry, I'm not a mom, but a dad needing very much mom's advice. And, I'm at wit's end. Sorry if any of you take offense in me posting here. And yes, I cry a lot. My...

Started by Zach on 10/16/2012 in School-Age Kids

Last update on 11/29/2012 by Danielle



My six year old is showing definete signs of ADHD and/or ODD. There is so much info out there, but I was was wondering if any of you moms out there have a child with one of...


Autism vs Asperger's Diagnosis

Hi! My 5 yr old received his diagnosis as a High Functioning Autistic last week. Based on the information I've read during the last few months, I believed him to be more of an...


help with adhd

I have my oldest son and my only daughter being diagnosed with adhd but i am not for sure the way to go with what kind of doctor and how to handle things my son is learning a...


ADHD and Kids

I'm going to take my youngest to get his checkup today and while I'm there I'm going to talk to the dr about my 9 year old whom we think has ADHD. I was very against medication...


high functioning autism

hey there every one!! ive recently taken my son to a specialist who says that he has high functioning autism. just wondering if there are any other mums out there with a child...


Question about Autism

My son just got diagnosed 2 days b4 the start of the school year. He is 7 yrs old so it's a late diagnoses. They haven't put him on the spectrum yet. I was wondering tho does it...


mmr vaccine and autism

does anyone else think the mmr needles cause in some way the onset of autism?? my son was sayin bye mum dad nan b4 he turned 1 and then at one he had his mmr shots ....he...

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