I have a 4 yr old daughter who is developing a right attitude what can i do to make her listen without having a tantrum?

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Am im being TO paranoid?!?!?

My son is almost 5 month old and weighs like 12lbs 6oz. Hes a lil guy and this H1N1 thing is driving me crazy! Im constantly asking people to wash their hands and i try not to...

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starting preschool

We received a call yesterday from the preschool coordinator at the school Annie will be attending. I have very mixed feelings about this. I'm not sure I am ready to let her go,...


Ever heard of night terrors?

My daughter was crying/moarning in her sleep. My husband and I tried to wake her up but she would not stop crying and would not wake up. After calling 911 with the paramedics on...


NEED HELP!!!!!!!

My son is 7 almost 8. We have tried several medications and cominations but am yet to come up with something that really works. He has adhd and the Dr. is tossing up whether he...


The Pain of the Past

I grew up in an abusive family so it's nice to meet others with many of the same issues. My mom lives very close to me but because of her abusive behavior towards me as a child...


I need some opinion on working moms

I keep debating constantly about going back to work. I was wondering on what people think about working moms? Did your baby act differently when you started working? Does...

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