Getting To know Eachother

Hi there, I'm Hazel, creator of this group. I reside in the Seattle Metro area and have been blessed w/ 2 boys, one of which has kidney disease. I have collaborated closely with...


Plastic Surgery/Body Enhancement

So the topic of equal relationships made me think about a time frame when my husband & I were not equal in thinking. Ever since I was 18 (I'm 36 now) I always wanted a boob...

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Looking for a reliable pump

I'm pregnant with my third child, and I have tried two times to nurse unsuccessfully. I really want to make it work this time. I think the biggest thing hindering me is the...

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Am I the only one?

My 10 month old loves to nurse! She would nurse all day long, every day. Which is okay with me, it is her milk after all. My only concern is when I give her solid meals, she...


struggling to get ahead...

having our first child, the cutest little boy ive ever seen, was a suprise for us. and while my boyfriend and i work very hard to provide and take care of our little family, it...

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Twin daughter has no emotions

I have four children, the youngest is seven, I then have 14 year old twin girls, and a 15 year old boy, all but one are warm, sensitive loving individuals, they are well...

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Small baby?

Hi all! My princess just turned 15 months in August 18th. I took her to her 15 month old appoint and she weighs 16.12, still tiny! She is still not walking but she is cruising...


advice or laziness?

I'm on tons of groups on here. I'm sure others are too. Does anyone else ever read questions posted and wonder: "Are you looking for real advice because you've done everything...


Alternative Therapies and Natural Remedies

A lot of my parenting choices fall outside of the mainstream, to varying degrees. And even apart from my role as a mother, I consider myself to be pretty open-minded. This...

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any other head bangers?

My son bangs his head on the wall... just out of the blue he'll do it. He's not in a bad mood or anything. I told his doctor about it and she said that he does it for attention,...


Dont know what to do.

So i have this friend with 4 kids. I do babysit on occasion. I had noticed this last time and first time that I babysitted that the mother does not pack babyfood for the...

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Having Twin Girls Between Mid-May and Mid-June

My name is Danielle and I will be having my first babies in next couple months. I call them my 2 for 1 special package deal :) Didn't find out about the twins until my first...

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Not eating

My daughter Tessa is 17 months and hates eating. Does anyone have any idea how to deal with this or any suggestion on what works? And also wondering if anyone else out there...

Started by Pon on 11/27/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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