Does anyone have any suggestions on a good convertable carseat? My son is 6 1/2 months old and is getting to be where he needs a bigger carseat than his infant seat. I got the...



car seats....my son is only 4 months old but too big for his current carseat (the carrier style), i know that he still has to rear face etc... and based on research i see which...



My little one just turned 8months and he seems to be getting to big for his carseat. Our carseat is still the infant carseat and only holds up to 22lbs. At his last doc appt...


CARSEAT canada

Myson is 9 1/2 mnths and is still rear facing... I have a saftey 1st alpha omega carseat and it states even on the side of the seat what the limits are on height and weight. He...

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Baby Carseat

I have a daughter that will be 8 months on the 30th and she is way to long for her carrier. She is 19.5 pounds I was wondering if there is another carseat for infants that will...

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Carseat information?!

My youngest daughter is outgrowing her infant seat but with the prices of carseats these days we can't really afford one....does anyone know of any place that helps with...

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convertible carseat

My son is about 7 1/2 months and already has grown out of his rear-facing carseat. We are planning to getting a convertible (hopefully 3-way) (rear,front, and booster). Any...


Carseat question

Hello. I have a almost 10 month old son and he is getting too big for his infant car seat. I thought about getting the safety 1st alpha omega elite convertible car seat but I...

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Convertable carseats

I am looking at getting a new convertable carseat for my son who will be 4 months on the 4th. He has almost out grown his infant carseat, not because of weight but because he is...

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Carseat Recomendations - Canada

Hello ladies, we are going to need to pick up 2 new carseats (one for my car, one for hubby's car) in the not to distant future as our daugter will be out of her Graco...


Convertible Carseats - Advice Please!

Hi All, I am just starting to look into getting a convertible carseat for my almost 9 month old. Does anyone have any recommendations or any thoughts on ones to avoid? The...

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When to step up the carseat

My daughter is only 8.5 months old, but she is almost 30 inches tall and weighs about 21 lbs. I was wondering when it is okay to move her from her infant rear facing car seat to...

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what carseat to use

My 5 month old son now exceeds the 22 lb weight limit on his infant carrier carseat. He's too young to put in the convertible car seat that we have because it's forward facing....


Looking for the perfect carseat...

It's about that time! My little guy is almost 1 and definately outgrowing his infant carseat. I have been researching high and low for which one to choose and can't decide...

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Need recommendations for a carseat

Hello Everyone, My Sophia will be five months on the 29th of October....I am looking to purchase a convertble car seat since she is growing fast and will no longer fit...

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Carseat Advice PLEASE!!!

I have an 08 trailblazer and can not find a Convertible Car Seat for my 4 month old. I want the safest one!!! I dont really care what the cost is (I cant put a cost on my sons...


FF vs. RF carseats

Hi Moms, Does anyone have any reputable websites that discuss rear-facing car seats vs. forward-facing car seats for LOs 1yr and over? Even though she's not 20lbs yet and is...

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Forward facing carseat?

Okay so my son is 15 months old and I haven't switched his carseat to forward facing yet,I am just curious to see when you mommies have done it. I haven't been able to find the...

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