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what would you consider to be solid food?

I am from Antigua in the Caribbean and here we advocate breast feeding only until six months and then then at six months you start solids such as mashed fruits and vegetables,...

Started by Mary-Ann on 12/05/2010 in Babies And Infants

Last update on 12/06/2010 by Danielle


weaning baby off the breast at ten months ?

I havea ten month old little girl. I've been trying to wean her off the breast by giving her warm goats milk in a bottle - she takes that (which by the way has made leaving her...

Started by Sharon on 11/02/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 11/06/2009 by Sharon


should i stop

my daughter is 10 months old now and im not sure if i want to stop breastfeeding or not. she eats quite a bit of regular food but i still want to breastfeed at naps and bed time...

Started by Kristen on 11/08/2008 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 10/04/2010 by Ania


Making the First Day Easier - Tips

* Remind your child that she is not the only student who is a bit uneasy about the first day of school. Teachers know that students are anxious and will make an extra effort to...

Started by Martha on 07/17/2009 in Back-to-School

Last update on 08/03/2009 by Martha


Is it ok to go to formula now he has teeth??

I have breast feed my six and a half month old exclusively up until a few weeks ago. He has three teeth and thinks it's funny to bite!! He drinks formula with no problems, in...

Started by Emma on 01/01/2010 in June 2009 Babies

Last update on 01/03/2010 by Anita


infant vaccines...

I just got paperwork from the doctor concerning vaccines for my daughter. She's 2 months old and still in the NICU. I'm overwhelmed by the number of shots she's supposed to be...

Started by S on 01/21/2010 in Moms Of Preemies

Last update on 01/22/2010 by Candice


first time sick...

my little one just got over his first cold and while looking for cold meds for him i found out FDA regulations have changed. Children's cold meds are now labeled mostly for...

Started by Jeanette on 08/30/2010 in July 2009

Last update on 08/31/2010 by Mary


im nervous

my boyfriend and i are both 19, this will be our first child for each of us. we are really excited but really nervous as well any tips would be helpful!


Early Academics

I have been reluctant to discuss this topic as most posts I've read seem to support Baby Einstein and My Baby Can Read and I hate to cause too much controversey, but I run a...

Started by Eronne on 11/01/2009 in Toddler Moms

Last update on 11/02/2009 by Eronne



At what age do you take you child to the dentist? My daughter is 17 months old now, is it to early to go to the dentist?


My 2 month old got a sunburn

I went outside with my 2 months old baby. When we came back, she had red cheeks. She did not have any pain, fever, blisters from sunburn, or any discomfort. The day after sun...

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