best teething tablet, gel etc...

my daughter is 14 weeks and she has a tooth popping in and out and i dont know what i should buy...ive heard of humphreys and orajel...any suggestions?

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okay my son is 4 months old and is teething badly...we use baby orajel an tylenol, but they work for just a bit, but then the pain seems to come back..it keeps him up night...



Hi my son is soon to be 15 months old. He is already starting to get in some 1 year molars, but he is not getting in the rest of his teeth. Should I be worried? I just want...


Teething .... they dont want to come in!!!!

My daughter is 7 months now and it seems as if she has been teething for the last three months, but all you see on her gums is white bumps and no teeth!! It is not just driving...

Started by Sherilyn on 03/01/2010 in July 2009

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my 5 month old daughter is teething and wont take ne teeting rings or washcloths or nething... ive given her motrin and ive tried typenol... shes stopped sleeping and screems...


AHHH Teething HELP!

So my little three month old has started teething. Her bottom gums are just swollen and she is trying to get everything in her mouth as she just slobbers away.. I know of a few...



My son has been in a lot of pain now for the last 4 days and I feel as though I hace exhausted all options. I can tell that it's his gums that are bothering him because he...

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please help with the screaming!!! (teething????)

my baby is almost 4 months old and has always been a very mellow baby.... up until literally 2 days ago. he screams at the top of his lungs and drools a lot... could this be...

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Teething please help!

hey all, my lil one was born on the 7th of sept and he has started teething :( (his too young) does anyone have any helpful hints as this is my first child and i'm abit clueless...


plz help ...........

my 8 month old son is teething he he wont take hes bottles or a dummie he crys to the point he makes him self sick he cant have bonjella he can only have panadole ive tryed...

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1 year old teething..I need help please

My son just turned a year old on the 7th & He's still teething..He use to have problems falling asleep..Than when he was 10 Months old he would fall asleep on his own take Naps...

Started by Amanda on 04/16/2010 in April 2009 Babies

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