We are taking my son to Hawaii in a few months, he will be 8 months old. He has extremely sensitive skin. What sunscreen should I use on him that won't cause any reaction? (we...

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I tried to save when i went shopping for sunscreen and ended up buying the more expensive one, Coppertone Water Babies and I found that my son still got pretty bad sunburn even...

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I have a ten month old daughter and I was wondering since summer is pretty much here, if she's too young to wear sunscreen?

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I purchased Aveeno baby sunscreen for my almost 13 month old. Lotions have often given him a rash so I was concerned about sunscreen and went for a gentle type. He broke out...

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I know the label says not to put on a baby younger than 6 months...but has anyones pediatrician said otherwise? And at what age? I live in California...where the sun ALWAYS...



This may seem like a silly question.... but I honestly have no idea!! My son is almost 11 months and starts daycare next month, and I am supposed to provide sunscreen which is...



Sunscreen was never a part of our trip when we went to amusment parks and things like that. Now that I have two kids, I am hearing more on how sunscreen is important for people...



Do you apply or make your children apply sunscreen? How often do they wear it? Is it important for children to wear sunscreen? Explain.


baby sunscreen

Is there such a thing?? And what is safe for their little skin?? I am going on vacation with him soon, and I want him to be protected. Also any tips for flying on airplanes??...

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Baby Sunscreen

Can anyone recommend a good, safe, chemical-free sunscreen for a 4 month old? My doctor recommended Johnson's, but I can't find it anywhere! Most sunscreens say "6 months and...


Reaction to sunscreen!

I just got back from the doctors because my daughter has a rash all over her face (and some spots on her body too) and they think that it is due to sunscreen. Any suggestions as...


Sunscreen/Swimsuit allergies

My daughter seems to be allergic to sunscreen and/or latex. Last year the Aveeno was fine, but this year she's had an allergic rash using both Aveeno and Water Babies Pure &...


Sunscreen suggestions needed

I have a 6 year old that is allergic to SOMETHING in sunscreen (we/the doctors don't know what ingredient(s) it is). It's gonna start to be sunny and I have a 10 month old that...


What kind of sunscreen is your favorite?

I have tried tons of lotions and sprays and I just can't find one that is great for daily wear for my 2.5 year old. I am frustrated but want her protected and want to get her in...

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Sunscreen for infants, What do you use?

What type of sunscreen do you use for your infant? My daughter is 4 months and I'm trying to decide what type to get. Can you just use an adult sunscreen that has a high spf?...

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What to do sunscreen wise on a 3 month old?

I guess i cant use sunscreen on my 3 month old, and cant use it til he is 6months. what am i suppose to do in the next 2-3 months?! We have been having some hot days and its...

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