Diaper Genie??

I've heard both sides about them. I still dont know whether to get one or not. I've heard they are not worth it and I've heard that they are. So anyone who has had one or know's...

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Diaper Sprayer

I have been thinking about getting one of those diaper sprayers that attach to the toilet. Just wondering if anyone has one of these, or tried one, and what are your thoughts?...


Cloth diapers

My son is 2 months old and I'm wanting to put him into cloth diapers. I'm tired of all the trash that accumulates with regular diapers. There are different brands and I was...


cloth diaper

are they good or would they be a waste getting them trying to save money and thats the best thing i can think of. not sure if it breaks out the baby more or if its better for...


Best Diapers???

So by now most moms of this age group know we go through a process of trial and error to find the diapers that work best for us. When my daughter was born we favored the pamper...

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cloth diapers?

Hi all, my son is 8 months old and I was thinking of investing in cloth diapers to cust cost and be more environmentally friendly. I'd like to know what your thoughts are about...


Favorite diapers!

I'm a newbie...haven't even started cd'ing yet, but want to know...what are your favorite fitted, AIO, and covers? Oh...and wipes too! Also, what wipe solution do you like?...


Cloth Diapers

Hey everybody! I am new to this whole stay at home mom thing. I have 2 sons ages 2 years, and 4 months old. We have used the unbleached diapers from 7th generation and earth's...

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Cloth diapers?

Please tell me the pros and cons of cloth diapers, whether or not you have tried them, for how long, and what brand. Thanks!

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the G diaper

does any use the new G diaper?? what r your thoughts on them?? I just bought some for my 18 month to use when we go away on long trips,but they seem like a lot of work. any ideas?


Diaper Genie II users! Good info here!

I have the diaper genie II. It serves its purpose but the refills are a bit expensive if you ask me. I have found at Walmart this universal diaper pail refill by baby trend. Its...

Started by Michelle on 08/15/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Cloth diapering supplies

Just curious...I am using the simple prefolded diapers/liners method and really wanting to avoid disposables (except for maybe Tushies). Just wanted to know what supplies I...


Which cloth diaper to use?

We have recently been debating on cloth or disposible diapers and have decided to give cloth diapers a try. Which brand is the best brand to go with that isn't too expensive?

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Cloth diaper Help!!!

I am seriously thinking about switching to cloth diapers...any advice, tips, hints, tricks, anything. First hand and even second hand stories would be wonderful!