8mth old uses me as a soother!!

My 8mth old baby girl uses breastfeeding as a soother at night, wakes up 4-5...10 x at night just to get it and goes back to sleep. She is very pleasant and a happy baby during...



What is a normal nap schedule for a 9-month old? My son rarely takes naps at daycare (i.e. all day, 5 days a week), but then crashes at home, and takes 3 naps per day on the...

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Hi all, still nursing?

I am new here, so hi to all of you! Ok so I am still nursing and was wondering if there was anyone out there still nursing? I am trying to stop but am finding it hard to get my...


Stopping Breastfeeding

Hi Moms, My name is Lisa and I live on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. I am 36 years old and my son, Caleb, is 15mths old on 10th November. I am a SAHM who works 2 hours...


Breastfeeding Weaning Crisis

Hello! I decided to join Circle of Moms because I am ready to stop breastfeeding. I thought I could make it to 12 months, but I cannot. He is only 1 1/2 weeks shy of 12 months...

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My 15 month old suddenly (well for the past month or so) isn't sleeping nights, she's up atleast 4 times, sometime a lot more. When I go in there she's just lying there crying...

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Stretchmarks and flabby skin

Hello everyone! I didn't get stretchmarks until I was 9 months pregnant. They arent horrible, but you can for sure see them. I am now self conscious and would like to...


Vitamin D or 2% or 1/2 & 1/2

I have been having trouble with Rebecca drinking Vitamin D milk. During the day she is fine but at night she gets such a bad stomach ache and wakes up screaming and her room...


When to take the bottle away?

I'm not sure when to take the bottle away from my son. we did take it away at nap time but he still gets it periodically through out the day and at bed time. He will drink out...

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need some advice...

I"m debating on weither or not to take my 2 1/2 yr old son to a DAN doctor....does anyone take their children to one? any positive result? negative results


Eggs and Milk Allergy

Hi! My friend Jeri recommended your group...my son is 2 - and allergic to eggs and milk since he was a baby. I am always in search for foods and recipes. He is the only one...


Sex Drive

I am wondering how being pregnant is affecting your sex drive. I am usually pretty reserved; however I am being driven crazy by thinking about sex 24/7. I am single so I...

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I NEED organization help!!

I am a single mom with three kids and have no place to put anything..! My kitchen is always a mess, as well as their rooms and the living room... I have no clue where to even...